User Friendliness

User can design & configure the creative Medical Billing Software as per their requirements. creative has unlimited choices of options & configuration settings that fits the individual requirement of a Chemist Shop business. The users just have to configure the creative Medical Billing Software themselves as per their requirement and the custom made software for a Chemist Shop is ready!

Rapid Speed Billing

creative Medical Billing Software has a Rapid Speed Billing, which helps to handle the crowded customers with more efficiency in a short duration.

Dump Stock Handling & Fast Moving Items

creative Medical Software reports the user about the dump & excessive stock, remaining without any sale, slow moving and the fast moving items by which the user can Plan the Purchase and make proper investment of the money during next purchase.

Expiry Item Handling

creative Medical Software smartly informs the user about the Expired Medicines / Medicines nearing the Expiry Date so that the user can make timely return of the Expired Medicines & get the claims.

Who is Best Supplier?

creative Pharmacy Software maintains the compared record of suppliers based on purchase rate, discount scheme offered etc, informs the user about the supplier who can offer the best deal for an each medicine / item. Hence the user can prepare the purchase orders the supplier who offers the best deal.

Best Cash Handling

creative Pharmacy Software has the provision enter the cash received from the customer (with denominations) and shows the cash to be returned to the customer to avoid the human error like returning excess cash to the customers.

Substitute Medicines

creative Medical Billing Software displays the substitute medicine if the prescribed medicine is out of stock or out of manufacture or if the customer wants a substitute medicine at a cheaper rate. The substitution is made based on the ingredients / molecule content of the prescribed medicine. This ensures that you do not miss even a single customer

The work of a CCTV without a CCTV

creative Medical Billing Software maintains user-wise operation records and keeps an eye over the incoming and outgoing stock of the costly products. It keeps a record of each every transaction date-wise and user-wise which cuts the burden watching at the cash counter always. The stock and cash can be reconciled at any time. Since creative Medical Billing Software maintains the stock Rack-wise / Shelf-wise, the physical stock can be reconciled with the system stock with the help of the Rack-wise Stock Statement So install creative Medical Billing Software & Have a lot of fun!

Customer Privilege Card System

creative Billing Software can maintain the customer details like Name, Address, Phone, Email and the purchase details. By this the user can configure the system to maintain the point system allotted based on the purchase made by each customer. The customer can redeem their points on their next purchase after the point reaches certain level. The user can make the best use of the Customer Database for launching new products, new offers & new schemes that is the need of the hour in any trade.

Data Protection

The clients of creative Medical Billing Software have never complained about data loss or data corruption because of the inbuilt Data Export / Import facility to save & protect the data. Start Using the creative Medical Billing Software from the very first day of purchasecreative Medical Billing Software comes with the latest product database which contains more than 35000 products used in this trade. So the user can start using the software immediately after installing

24 x 7 after Sales Service

creative Chemist Shop Software is recognized in the market due to its reliable after sales service. creative Medical Software offers Training Support & Service Support for the first year of purchase absolutely free.

Arrow Our priority is the smooth running of the software and the customer satisfaction

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Arrow One & Only creative & No one else in India …

Online Update / Upgrade

Launching of Online Updation & Online Up-gradation is the routine work of creative. creative Chemist Shop Software is Up-graded every fortnight by covering the present market trend & new tax implementations by the government, drug & allergy interactions and much more.

Service Network

creative Pharmacy Software has a Widespread Service Network all over India and its neighboring countries and is 24 x 7 ready to serve its customers.